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The Breakfast Club at Harvard

Iconic leaders inspiring a future generation

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#1 Ranked Leadership Club, Nationally  

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Launched 16 years ago at Harvard University - by basketball Coach Tommy Amaker - The Breakfast Club is widely considered the top leadership development forum in the country for high-potential talent. Since announcing our virtual program - we are proud to share insight and advice with emerging leaders who want to learn from our invited guests: innovators, leaders, artists, coaches, and yes, even the former President of the United States.

Join the Virtual Breakfast Club



Even if you don't go to Harvard, tap into our global network of iconic leaders.



Receive feedback from our network of experts about your specific leadership challenges.



Receive honest career advice about companies that fit your specific style.

President Barak Obama

“The odds of you being LeBron or Steph aren't as high as you becoming an extraordinary leader in health care or business or civil rights...stay focused on the long game."

Gabi Vavala, U.C. Berkeley

"Harvard University has unrivaled CEO and leadership contacts - and it's important to start building meaningful relationships with them, and with peers destined to make a positive impact in the world."

Hayden Goldberg, Vanderbilt

“It's a lot easier for me to work on personal imperfections when some of the top leaders on the planet admit they suffer with the exact same challenges."


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Our podcast - Imperfect Leaders - imparts world-class advice to high potential talent all over the world - not just students who attend Harvard University.

Featured Podcast:
Harvard's Amy Edmondson

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The pioneer of psychological safety - and #1 ranked thought leader - shares a sneak preview of her highly anticipated new book:  "The Right Kind of Wrong

Imperfect leaders Podcast Icon
Imperfect leaders Podcast Icon

Recent Podcast Guests - Top Leaders from Admired Organizations

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